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YouTube Bound

2010-11-11 11:37:36 by iceclaw123 123?feature=mhum

^^is my new YouTube account! So check it out!!!!
I will still go on Newgrounds to rate, comment, and watch things, but I'm putting stuff on YouTube.


2010-07-09 18:36:57 by iceclaw123

Summer is wonderful until you realize thats its almost gone


2010-05-26 21:04:37 by iceclaw123

School almost over!


2010-05-02 16:21:57 by iceclaw123

Everybody loves at least one game. and thats what makes the world turn.


2010-04-18 17:13:41 by iceclaw123

at this rate i have no idea when it'll be done. so yeah. deal with it peeps

this pic was made for a friend a while ago



2010-04-14 21:07:19 by iceclaw123

my friend went on vacation. for a looooong time. >:(
sorwey :3

The End is Near

2010-03-17 16:44:52 by iceclaw123

Sorry about the extremely, long, devastating wait.
We are almost done and are putting the finishing touches on.

The End is Near

Check up

2010-03-06 18:07:12 by iceclaw123

hey so i guess its check up time.
explination: my friend decided to go a bit crazy.


2010-02-24 18:56:28 by iceclaw123

K. we are at about 37 seconds on the timer. with 500 frames so far, it might be finished at around 1000.
Wish us luck.

friendship = stick fights

2010-02-18 08:38:31 by iceclaw123

my friend and i r going to make a stick fight.
his user account: m/
So anyway with help from my young friend we will BLOW UR MIND.
Or at least attempt to.
He will animate, I will be the author.